Engineering & Tech Talks

March 5-9, 2018

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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Conference (JEEC) is an event created by students, for students, that organizes several activities related to the course's scientific areas and job market. Some of these activities are Workshops, Matchmaking, Lectures and more!

The JEEC is endorsed by the course’s student association, NEECIST, the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, DEEC and the university, IST.


The Electrical and Computer Engineering Conference (JEEC) aims to create links between the academic and the business world, connecting all students of Electrical and Computer Engineering Integrated Master (MEEC) to companies and/or research units developing works in Electrical and Computer Engineering area. This event allows us to spread the interest in themes associated with MEEC, as well as divulge it and its respective career options.

Finally, JEEC is the perfect opportunity to promote our students to the most influential companies in Portugal.